Monday, November 27, 2006

Crunk New Year's Eve

I don't have any plans for New Year's Eve so I was thinking about having a Crunk New Year's Eve party at my place. The signature drink of the evening would be Hennessey and Crunk Juice, of which I brought a case back courtesy of the Big Black Man. So what do y'all think? Should I crunk in the new year? Would you attend? If the answer is yes, I'm going to have to get another case of Crunk Juice when I go back to ATL for the Atlbutterflies Holiday Slumber Party.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Random Post

Every now and then you just gotta post some thing that you see or hear just so you can remember it for future use.

I was watching a Hollywood Access type show on TV One and the reporter asked Jennifer Lopez if her and her husband are "precaution free." Now that is a new, discreet way to ask if any baby making is going on. I gotta get married so I can live life precaution free.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2006 American Music Awards

You know you are a blogger when it is second nature to sit at your computer and type initial thoughts/reactions to an awards show. I haven't blogged in like a week and now I feel the immediate need to blog. So here's my recap of the entire show.

First off, why do we have the American Music Awards? What distinguishes it from the Grammy's? Is it more exclusive? Last time I checked winning an AMA does not increase record sales but winning a Grammy does.

Why did the American Music Awards start off so slow? How you gonna have Beyonce open with a slow song and immediately follow with Carrie Underwood and her medley of 3 of her songs. I wanted to see Beyonce do some of her signature clearly I was disappointed.

Jimmy Kimmels opening was not bad but he spent too much time talking about Snoop. I thought the K. Fed spoof was kind of funny but then it become clearly fucked up when the first presenter was his soon to be ex-wife Britney Spears.

Is it me or does it seem like Mariah's album came out like 2 years why is she still being nominated for awards. Was glad that Mary J. Blige won.

Next presenters I missed their intro so was that the Cheetah Girls or 3LW the 2.0 version?

I love the Pussycat Dolls song...I didn't like their first single...and you know I love the dance in the I was disappointed in the performance. Why was one cat missing, one cat fucked up the chair portion of the dance and when the mysterious missing cat did appear she sounded like a dying cat? And why didn't Snoop perform with the Pussycat Dolls?

Am I the only one that hasn't seen High School Musical?

The Black Eyed Peas did not have any competition in the best group category.

Jimmy Kimmel's Black Eyed Peas/Kramer joke was not funny. But at least he had jokes based on recent/current events.

Nelly Furtado...why was she up on a pedestal doing nothing? And what was up with the sound effects guy? As my sister Kee Lo Lo so eloquently put it he looked like our brother Unk T doing something he would do just to annoy/provoke laughter out of the crew.

Why did some awards have no set up video intro like whatever award Eminem won and wasn't there to accept? It went so fast I didn't even catch what award it was. Did they do that to save time in the shows broadcast for performances and for winners that were actually there?

What was up with all the wind blown hair every time a female performed?

I think they cut out the video introductions of nominees to save time because they kept doing that throughout the show even if the winner was seated in the audience. Country band/duo/group...Who cares? I don't.

Never heard of Snow Patrol...Yes I'm one of the few people in the world that does not watch Grey's Anatomy...But I liked the song/performance. Maybe I will now be inspired to spend my X-mas vacation catching up on past seasons of Grey's Anatomy so I can see what all the hub bub is all about.

Gwen Stefani is always on some other stuff. But I gotta respect her individuality and creativity...I mean she had us spelling banana and liking I don't expect any less from her. And she kept her Asian chicks so that was not a one album phase. Two most memorable lines from her performance: "From the back..but don't let him ride." "Does he know how to wind you up?"

Then to follow up with Jay-Z!?!??! The back to back performances at least kept stuff flowing but the pairing of who would perform after who was a little odd. Beyonce was real hype for her man in the front row and throwing up the diamond. And that random guy in Jay-Z's performance was dancing real harder than I can ever dance...and that's saying a lot. I wonder how his album sales were today since most of us aggins downloaded it about a month ago.

Red Hot Chili Peppers had a very interesting acceptance to not even be at the show.

The Diana Ross look on Vanessa Williams must have been to get us ready for Dreamgirls. And a note on the Kay Jewelers sponsorship of a lounge or something...I'll take anything from Kay BUT an engagement ring. Just a word to the wise in case anyone plans on popping the question.

Flavor Flav as the adopted baby was hilarious...and he broke his clock.

Who was Jamie Foxx holding hands with? Cause when the camera shot to him during the Flavor Flav moment he was ready to fall out his chair but was holding some woman's hand tight.

Sean Paul was not paying attention so clearly he didn't want the award.

Kimmel had to have a follow up Flavor Flav joke about him and his soon to be 8 kids. who is the fat chick sitting next to Jamie Foxx that was holding his hand...when he won the award we clearly saw who she was and she was not someone MzB would be friends with. I hope the woman with the weave was his mother he ain't seen in years and not the other chick.

Why was Sharon Stone a presenter? She was clearly cold or at least that is what her nipples indicted. Dixie Chicks was a chance to take a bathroom break and copy edit what I had written.

Tenacious D...I want Jack Black to just give it up...Rock School was a funny movie but give it up. I'm not going to see the movie and it's not going on my Netflixs list and that is saying a lot coming from someone like me that will watch ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I have watched some of the worst movies ever in the hopes that by the end of the movie it would redeem itself and not even I will give this movie half a chance.

Because of the pairing of Mary J. Blige after Tenacious D I almost missed the performance. I was feeling her gold boots and it made me think of the Quo' know how gold boots are a turn on for them. I didn't buy or download Mary's last album so I didn't know the song she sang. Unfortunately I'm one of those people that loved the cracked out and depressed Mary J. Blige. Her songs from that time in her life just touched a place within me..."My Life" will always be my favorite Mary album...she could come out with 20 more albums I will always LOVE "My Life."

Kirk Franklin had no competition in his category. I LOVE that CD. I used to listen to that first single, "Looking for You," every morning as I drove to and from work when I lived in Atlanta. It would just get me hype.

The Lionel Richie flashback showed me where P. Diddy got his inspiration for shiny suits. And I was glad to see Nicole Richie has gained a few pounds back. I like his song and it was nice that everyone stood up for his performance. He took us back in time...nice trip down memory lane with "All Night Long".

Fall Out Boy was another performance that I could use as a potty break. But for the record running up the aisle to the stage is not a great way to start your performance.

I agreed with Kimmel's joke about what a rapper does when a country singer is performing...they are on their sidekicks and blackberry's.

Is Carrie Underwood the most successful American Idol winner?

At least I had or think I had heard the Rascal Flats song before. But if life is a highway I'm not sure if I want to ride it all night long.

It was nice of Jamie to dedicate his performance to Gerald Levert and his family. And it was one of the best if not the best performance of the night. He looked good, sounded good and I love that song. He got me teary...that's the sign of a good performance with me.

And I was actually ok with Kimmel's transition joke.

Text-in award...I didn't even know they were having a text-in award.

Carmen Electra introducing Barry Manilow...ok...why is he even performing? I swear him and Tony Bennett are preserved with formaldehyde.

Black Eyed Peas just kept on winning...last I counted it was three wins.

And I like this John Mayer song...but I refuse to wait on the world to change...I'm just going to keep on progressing. I got hooked on this song because of CSI.

I like Chamillionaire and Weird Al together...Riding Dirty and White and Nerdy...but I thought they were going to present an award.

How does Akon and Snoop qualify for show finale status? Still shocked at the pole dancers on network TV. Didn't Akon's album come out today as well. What idiot thought it was a good idea to put his album out the same day as Jay Z? But I was feeling the dance moves...gonna have to YouTube the performance. Akon is all over the radio in NYC...I don't know about the rest of the country.

Tyrese aka Black Tie...he needs to give up on the rap cause only his love songs really hit.

But the show did end on a good night with Mary J. Blige winning her second AMA of the night.

Throughout the show there were some sound tech issues. You would hear random scratching and static and stuff. And the cameramen kept fucking up.

Is it me or do less and less actual winners show up at the AMA? So what's the point of having the AMA's...for advertisers? The AMA's are losing their luster.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Video Vixen Sidelined

I love to dance. My mom could never afford for me to take formal lessons. But every now and then I would impress someone with my raw talent and get a scholarship here and there to take a few classes. But it was never enough to make me a professional dancer by any means.

But dancing for me has always been a way of dealing with what life throws at me. I like to hear a new song whose video has not come out yet and visualize/choreograph in my head what the dance would be. And I'm very good at picking up dance moves in videos. The ones I really like I study and practice in my living room.

I literally dance every single day...until now. The situation with my feet has sidelined the video vixen and I'm miserable. I can't flex my toes to be able to dance because the combination of flexing and pressure of supporting the bodies weight is too painful. So I'm miserable. What if I won't be able to dance the way I used to dance again. If I had known the true effects of the surgery on my feet I might have just chosen to live with the pain. So what that the thing I love to do, dancing, causes me so much pain because of my feet. Eventually the pain goes away and I can dance another day.

And I try...because I'm so dance anyway. But as I try to dance despite the pain tears just start streaming from my eyes down my face. If anyone was in my apartment with me they could see the battle between what my heart wants to do and what my body will allow me to do. I have physical therapy again today so I'm going to talk to my doctor...I want to know when will I be me again...when will I be the video vixen...when can I wear normal shoes...when can I flex my feet...cause this right just ain't me and I'm miserable because of it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You know you are grown

You ever have those moments where you are truly reminded that you are an adult? Well I had one last night. Here are some clues that you are an adult.

After work I came home and cooked dinner. Clue #1 - me cooking. I made crab cakes with broccoli and cheese and a toss salad and I made a fresh fruit smoothie to wash it all down.

Clue #2 - eating healthy. My mom makes a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast every day...I don't cause I don't want to have to clean the blender. But since I had bought some bananas and strawberries from Fresh Direct I decided I needed to make something with them before they went bad.

Clue #3 - actually having fresh fruit or in my case food at all to cook in the refrigerator. I sat down and watched the news as I ate my meal.

Clue #4 - watching the news. I don't know what possessed me to watch the news and not flip to a music video channel.

So after I ate the healthy meal I had cooked and dined on while watching the news I did laundry. Clue #5 - doing chores. Now y'all know me, chores are for the weekend. I have never, ever, ever chosen or planned to do chores during the week. But lo and behold I was sorting laundry.

But the biggest reminder that I am truly an adult was ending the evening by talking to my mom about what I had cooked for dinner and the chores I had completed. If that is not the most boring and adult conversation you can have with your parents I don't know what is. I used to tease my sister about why are you talking to mom about what you are making for dinner, like that is significant. Umpteen years later I find myself doing the same exact thing. When I realized all of this I wanted to snap myself out of it...go do something young and fun and irresponsible. But ultimately I was too damn tired to do all I went to bed.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fancy Feet

It's 6 days until I have the operation on my right foot. The doctor says my left foot is healing well but I'm a little concerned about having to depend on my left foot when it is not completely healed. But the biggest shock to my system was the claim.

The insurance claim for the left foot operation is finally being processed and you won't believe how much one foot cost. $30,000...that's right 3-0-0-0-0! And my insurance has not yet decided how much of it they are going to pay. But my doctor is super cool. The only reason why I allowed this process to happen is because he assured me that whatever the insurance paid is what he would accept. He would not expect me to pay the remaining balance or any co-pays. I have physical therapy tomorrow so I'm going to get a little reassurance from him. Because even my physical therapy sessions cost $460 a session of which my insurance says I should pay $44 for each session. Thus far my doctor has never charged me for anything...not a single co-pay since I started going to him.

I know you can't put a monetary value on body parts...unless you are J. Lo...but at the end of all this my feet might actually be worth $75,000 after all the work that will have been done on them. If only I could cash in on my

Friday, November 03, 2006

Release Therapy

It's been three weeks since the surgery on my left foot. I'm finally walking without a cane. I started physical therapy in the morning twice a week before I go to work.

Therapy entails soaking my foot in a warm whirlpool for 10 minutes followed by an electroshock treatment for 10 minutes to work the muscles in my foot and help with the swelling. The session ends with the doctor putting vitamin E oil on my scars and gently massaging my foot before bandaging it up. Physical therapy is not fun. It's not overly painful but for the rest of the day my foot bothers me. I'll have spells of it falling asleep or swelling up and of course pain but I can't do anything about it until I go home after work. As much as I complain and despite the pain the doctor says my foot is healing very well. And I haven't lost any range of motion in my toes.

My next surgery is in 10 days. I'm hoping I won't still be wearing a boot on my left foot when it's time for the right foot to get repaired.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Holiday Travels

I'm not a big fan of the holidays. I don't have a family of my own (or a man) so the holidays just don't hold that same warm and fuzzy feeling for me as they do for other people. But thank GOD for my friends. As I have said many times before my friends are my family.

So for Turkey Day I'll be in the A-T-L. Home sweet home to me. My crew is doing our usual friends and family potluck Turkey Day. So I worked it out with my boss to work that week out of the Atlanta offices of But this will be interesting because I'm having surgery on my right foot 96 hours before my flight to Atlanta. And I have rented a car as well. I'm anxious to see how I'll be able to manuever. But when there is a will there is a way and I'm the most stubborn person I know. :)

But the holiday fun doesn't end there. December 16 the crew is doing our annual Holiday Slumber Party. Yes, your eyes did not deceive you. It's a slumber party just like you used to have when you were kids. Everyone MUST wear pajamas. The event is pot luck, we play games, talk, laugh, drink, watch movies, listen to music, etc. We go to sleep, at least for a lil while...Unk T cooks us breakfast in the morning and everyone goes home after breakfast. It's pretty straight forward and tons of fun. And I wouldn't miss it for anything.

I don't have anything planned for X-mas or New Year's Eve but it's just the beginning of November. Who knows what might happen? Maybe some surprise trip will happen like last NYE or maybe I'll go to Vegas...