Sunday, February 25, 2007

NBA All Star Weekend

I arrived Friday morning around 4am and what did I do...go out of course. The anxiety of getting there mixed with the strip being all lit up I was ready to party.

My girls and I made a quick run to McDonalds which would be the late night eating spot every night. I told them to not feel bad about eating McDonalds this late because technically it was breakfast time on the east coast. I changed my clothes and I went over to MGM Grand just to walk around and see what was up.

My girls had been to Studio 54 earlier in the night and had gotten in to VIP thanks to Vince Young and his entourage. A little sad I missed out on that but more was yet to come.

Friday I was up and out by 11am. I hit the strip early to see what parties were going on that night and what I could get in for free or discounted. I ended up getting on the RSVP list for Pure but that night we came close but ended up some place different. For lunch I went to the buffet at Ceasar's at it wasn't that great. I think the best buffets in Las Vegas are at the Bellagio and Aladdin. Later that afternoon I got up with one of my girls from Carolina and we had a few frozen drinks and hit the tables. I spotted the Office Spouse and his crew...or I should say he spotted me...cause surely if he had kept on walking I wouldn't have noticed...that was the only sighting all weekend.

So the plan on Friday was to go to the So So Def party at Aladdin and if that wasn't popping head over to Pure. We get to Aladdin and there is a lounge in the middle of the casino and we go in there and chill for a minute. End up chilling with Chingy and his entourage. The So So Def party was wack, maybe because it was early, but we left and were headed over to Pure. Just as we were making our way to Pure a guy stops us and offers us free passes to Light. Light is one of my absolute favorite clubs in Vegas because they have 4 poles which allows a woman to let her inner stripper girl out. So we totally changed plans and headed over to Light. It was a mob scene outside of the club because Sprite was doing a promotional party for LeBron James and the release of his 3 commercials that users are supposed to vote on. Somehow we hooked up with some random white chick who seemed to know everyone at the door and we were in the club by 10:30pm. Well the Sprite party was not over and in fact was just getting started so we got up close and personal with close I could count the pimples on his face...he needs Proactive. We partied so hard that my feet have never, ever, ever hurt so bad.

The line to get a cab back to the hotel was we chose to walk with no shoes first. We got maybe a block away and a random cabby picked us up. It was the end of us his shift but he saw us struggling and picked us up. The cab ride was only $5 but we gave him $20 just because we were so thankful.

Saturday I was up and out early again, back on the strip people watching and trying to secure another party for our last night in Vegas. I got so much random free stuff on the strip...from LeBron t-shirts to a special poker chip that would get me and the girls in to a party at the Empire Ballroom for free to magazines and CD's. We went shopping, or in my case window shopping cause y'all know I hate shopping and celebrity watching. There were so many celebrities every where and they were just mixed in with us regular folks. There were honestly too many celebrities to name them all.

Saturday night we are looking cute, of course, as we waited in line to get in to LeBron's party at the Empire Ballroom. After waiting for an hour, which was an hour later than the get in free poker chip was supposed to work, someone comes out and makes an announcement that they are having sound problems but they would still honor the chip. Now there was a VIP line where people paid $150+ for advanced tickets and $300+ for VIP. I might have had to wait in line but those VIP's looked stupid paying for the same party I was getting in to for free. We partied in line and had a good time laughing, talking and of course drinking. I had never been to the Empire Ballroom before and it is actually a nice venue. We paid a security guard $20 each and was able to go in and out of the VIP area at our leisure.

It wouldn't be Vegas if someone didn't get drunk off their ass and for once that person was not me. When one of my girls came over and took a shot of a dark liquor and a light liquor me and the guys I were talking to gave each other the "she's going to be spending the evening in the bathroom" look and we were right. But her getting sick didn't ruin the night just added to the experience. When the vomiting was under control we sent her back to the casino with some random guy in a Ferrari...I know, sounds dangerous but it worked...and we stayed and partied for another hour or so.

The trip went by so fast it was like a blur but honestly I couldn't have stayed another day. I got a terrible cold and I needed a day at home just to recover before I went back to work. Las Vegas you can only take in small doses because too many days in Sin City might kill you.

All in all it was a great weekend. I met some really nice guys no matter where I was but of course no one I would keep in touch with. Saw some people I hadn't seen since graduating from school. And all in all it was exactly what I expected. It was the most black people I have ever seen in one place and that is saying a lot since I have been to Essence Fest and Bayou Classic in New Orleans as well as lived in one of the blackest cities in the USA...Atlanta. It was also women dressed like they were going to the club even though it was 1 in the afternoon. There were the GQ guys and the thug guys and just a little bit of everything in between.

But if you weren't paying attention 1st night I paid nothing to party and second night I paid nothing initially to party and then $20 to the bouncer. So I partied my ass off in Las Vegas for $20. I am so glad I didn't buy tickets in advance for any of the parties that were being advertised on the internet.

I will be going to New Orleans. I'm already making plans. I hope the NBA does All Star weekend in Vegas again, and soon before my days of travelling across country to party my ass off are over.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Birthday Wish

I can't believe my birthday is a week away. As usual I don't have anything planned. But I did make sure to take the day off so if all I want to do is sleep the day away I can.

Y'all know me...I don't want or ask for a lot. If I get something I'm always appreciative. If I don't get anything, I'm still happy to be alive and live to see another year.

But if you are wondering what to get the birthday girl I can only think of three things I want:

1. A watch
I'm tired of not knowing what time it is when I'm on the subway and I can't get the time on my cell phone because there is no service underground.

2. Earrings
I seriously need some gold earrings. If I don't start wearing some earrings again my upper holes will close. I can only wear gold earrings cause I'm allergic to everything else.

3. Digital Camera
I feel like I've missed out on capturing so many moments in my life. So despite the fact that I really do hate taking pictures I need to keep record of some of my memories.

Special request of my ATL friends, if y'all are so inclined, I would really LOVE some bottles of that wine Smoochie had at our Turkey Day dinner. And one of those nice wine openers so I don't have to sneak in to Mz. B's crib and steal hers ;)

If nothing else be sure to wish me Happy Bday on my bday.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I MUST Love This Game

Commissioner David Stern...if you are reading one loves this game more than I do. For months I have been so hyped about going to Las Vegas for NBA All-Star weekend. And with one snow storm my dreams were about to be snowed under.

The original plan was to fly out to Vegas on Valentine's Day to get there before the crowds and celebrate loving me on the day of love. Thanks to the snow storm that hit NYC on V-day eve my plans were blown to hell.

Valentine's morning I was checking the status of my flight online every 10 minutes. My flight was at 12:29 and I held out until 11:00am before I finally left for the airport. Just as I pulled up to Laguardia my cell phone rings. It's an automated message from American telling me my flight was cancelled. Why didn't they call me 30 minutes ago? I could have stayed home and been on the internet and the phone figuring out how to fix my travel plans.

I stayed at the airport for 3 more hours trying to figure out how to get out on a flight that day or the next day. Everything was a bust. No flights available until Saturday night. The airline refunded my ticket and the hotel I was staying at refunded my one night stay. I sadly took the bus home, because the cab line was too long at the airport and I was ready to unpack and go back to my daily grind.

But thanks to my indescribable office spouse, he would not let me give up. There just has to be a way.

He was able to catch a flight out of Newark on Continental to Los Angeles and was going to drive with his boys to Vegas. He told me if I could get to LA I could ride with his boys to Vegas. So there was still hope.

I got home at 3pm and was on the phone and the internet for 4 hours trying to figure out how to get to L.A. or Las Vegas. Around 7:30pm a solution finally came and my Vegas adventure was about to begin. Get to Las Vegas or die not die but try my hardest.

I caught a 10pm Amtrak train to BWI airport. I got to the airport around 1am and had to sleep on a bench in the airport. Luckily I brought my neck pillow with me and there were other stranded passengers in the airport so the airline gave us sodas, snacks, pillows and blankets (the skinny airline kind). By 5am I was in line and checking my bag on Southwest to LAX. My flight was supposed to leave at 9:30am with a layover in Phoenix and I would land in LA at 2:45pm. Due to flight delays I got bumped to an earlier non-stop flight that was departing at 9am. I was supposed to land in LA at 12 noon but actually landed at 11:30am. So things were starting to look up.

I caught a shuttle to the apartment of my office spouse's friend in Pasadena. Of course the office spouse (and everyone else) thinks I'm crazy on the regular but even more crazy for travelling by plane, train and automobile to get to Vegas. I had been on the go since 7:30am on Wednesday morning and it was now 1:30 Thursday afternoon or 4:30 for y'all east coast folks. The office spouse said it was time for me to chill and relax after all I went through. So we went and got some lunch and sat outside and enjoyed the weather. Eating lunch outside, in the sun, in the middle of February. ONLY on the west coast. After lunch I took a shower, handled some business on the internet and took a nap. My journey was almost complete.

By about 11:30pm (2:30am EST) we were on the road to Vegas. I arrived at the casino I was staying at about 4am and that is when the real adventure began.

I think this blog is long enough so you'll have to wait for part two. But I gotta close with some thank you's and shout outs.

Commissioner Stern - after reading my adventure if this does not prove that I love this game I don't know what else does. For my effort I should get tickets to all the NBA All-Star festivities in New Orleans next year.

Office Spouse - What would I do without you? This weekend would have never been able to go down without you.

MC - thanks for letting me crash on the Wash U couch and for letting me get comfortable in your crib like it was my own home.

Story - Next time you are on the right coast I promise to take you anywhere you want to go.

All the people I met on the train, in the airports, on the planes - thanks for adding to the adventure. Everyone has a story to tell and y'all each added to mine (although too many side tales to add to this blog).