Thursday, May 24, 2007

Salsa Anyone?

Have to give y'all an update on my hip hop classes...they made my knees hurt.

Nah, I enjoyed taking the classes. I didn't enjoy getting up early on Sunday mornings after staying out late the night before BUT once I got going in class I was good. I'm thinking about taking more classes this summer but later in the day on Sundays. But I'm not really sure I want to commit to 8 Sundays of which I'll know for sure I'll miss 2 of them. So I guess I'll wait until September to re-enroll.

On to salsa...I have been taking salsa lessons off and on since 2002. By now I should probably face my fear and enroll in an intermediate class. I just think everyone teaches it differently so I'm not sure the same terms apply across the board. I actually met someone at one of my speed dating events who is taking lessons and is trying to convince me to go out salsa dancing.

I don't know what it is. I have no fears about hip hop dancing at all. And I always find a way to incorporate what I learn in class to what I do in the club. But with salsa I fear not being good enough. Getting on the dance floor and forgetting the moves or in my mind confusing salsa with cha cha, merengue or whatever other dances my various instructors have intermingled.

Sounds like I need to take that guy up on his offer and face my fear.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Mother's Lifetime

I didn't realize all the things that I have been able to do in my short life time that my Mom has never experienced.

My Mom is the hardest yet the easiest person to get a present for. It's hard because any time you ask her what she wants she either doesn't want anything or wants something very simple. Like for Christmas all she wanted was a small AM/FM radio so she could listen to her soap operas while at work.

So this year, as every other year, I struggled with what to get her for Mother's Day. I could give her flowers...again...but flowers are so temporary. She loves them when she gets them but I think I have bought my mother enough flowers from 1-800-Flowers for her to have quite an impressive vase collection.

Skizzle suggested I cook for her. I love my Mom too much to do that. Anyone that knows my cooking abilities knows why I say that. But just taking my Mom out for a meal I didn't feel really did her justice. Plus my Mom is the type to say why go out to eat when I have food here and can cook.

I just couldn't figure out what to get her. And I have a pretty good reputation of being a good gifter...I always get the right thing or something really thoughtful that is just the right thing. For days I wracked my brain with what to do. And then it all came to me at once. My Mom loves fruit. She makes a smoothie every morning. But I didn't want to get her a regular fruit basket. So I bought her an edible arrangement.

And I always go home to get my nails done so I thought a manicure and pedicure for my Mom would be a nice addition. But little did I know my mother had never had a professional pedicure or manicure in her life. you understand the concept? In 67 years she had NEVER EVER EVER had something as simple as a professional pedicure and manicure. I just couldn't believe it.

I can't even describe her joy at getting a simple manicure and pedicure. She said ultimately all she wanted for Mother's Day was to spend the day with her daughter. (Why the heck she would want to spend a day with me as opposed to one of my other brothers and sisters is beyond me.) She got more than she bargained for.

But then I thought about all the things I have done, the places I have been, etc. that my Mom has never experienced. My Mom has never been on a plane so she has never been to most of the places I have been. My Mom has never bought a house...she inherited my grandparent's home. My Mom bought her first car two years ago. She always had cars but she never actually bought herself one, they were always used cars purchased from friends or family but never one straight from the dealership. My mom has never been on a cruise. She's a Knicks fan but has never been to a game at Madison Square Garden. There are just so many things my Mother has never experienced (too many things to list them all) and that I take for granted.

My Mother is a reminder of how good God has been to me. I have never had a lot but God has given me so much. Parents always say they want their kids to have more than they had and that has definitely happened for me.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Summa, Summa, Summertime

I work hard (too hard) but I play even harder (or at least I try to). So I finally have secured my summer plans.

Memorial Day weekend - ATL for Smurfest. It's an annual party my ATL friends have and I haven't missed one yet. (knock on wood)

Fourth of July - July 4-8 Mz. B, Mocha and I are heading to Chicago for the Taste. Hopefully some of my girls from Carolina will be there too.

NABJ - I'm going back to Vegas...Vegas...Vegas...I'm going back to Vegas...and I'm excited. I never get tired of Vegas there is always something I haven't done before and there are some things I like to do every time I go. But it will be fun in the desert sun at the beginning of August. If anyone wants to come I got a good convention rate on a room at Bally's.

Labor Day - Mz. B and I are going to be adventurous. We are going on a White Water Rafting trip in Tennessee.

Although I have the major holidays on lock there is still room to do other stuff. I'm hoping to go to Great Adventure, to make a few trips to the beach (Jones, Coney Island, Atlantic City, Jersey Shore, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, get the idea...a beach), and whatever other random fun presents games, parties, cookouts, festivals, mini road trips...whatever...I'm down for it all.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Must Have Something in my Roots

My name is Mia and I am a workaholic.

Several people in my family suffer from "Workaholism." Workaholism is the compulsion to work a lot and/or hold several jobs, positions, hustles whether you need to or not.

It originates with my father. I was really young when my Dad was alive so I don't remember all of his hustles but I do remember one of them being a tow truck driver. Daddy always did whatever he had to legally do to keep us above water. But workaholism is not necessarily genetic because my siblings and I don't have the same Dad yet they are clearly workaholics too.

My oldest brother might be the worst offender. He is a regional sales manager for TWO companies. And how he does it amazes me. He works out of the house and has 2 company cars, 3 company computers and just 1 cell phone (cause he said keeping track of 2 would be too much). In addition to 2 full time hustles he also has 2 part time hustles. He drives nurses around (home nursing service) and has a business with one of his friends where he cleans offices. And like that isn't enough to occupy his time he also coaches kids in basketball all year long.

My next brother just has a full-time job and one part-time hustle. He has always been the one in our family known as being a "Jew." No offense to Jews but if anyone can make a dollar out of fifteen cents, it's this brother. His ridiculous methods of cheapness has been fodder for family and friends for years.

And then there is me. All my life I have watched the people in my family hustle and the hustle bug finally bit me in high school. In addition to school and all those extracurriculars I worked part-time at a law firm and I hustled condoms at school. That's right...condoms. Back in my high school days people were too "scared" to go out and buy condoms. But I had a friend that worked at CVS and he would steal or get a discount on large quantities of condoms. He was my supplier. I would sell the condoms at school. My best days were Fridays. Everyone wanted condoms for the weekend. It was so ridiculous...all they had to do was go buy them themselves...but whatever...helped to pay my pager bill.

Growing up I always told myself I'm going to go to college so I can have just one job to pay the bills and not have to hustle. In college there were times where I had FOUR jobs. After college I can only think of a few years where I didn't hold down a full-time job and at least one hustle. Then I moved back to NYC. Why oh why did I do that? NYC is the hustler capital. There are so many opportunities here it's hard to not fall in to some kind of hustle.

When I moved back last year I was at the New York Times for about 3 months before I acquired a hustle...interning for Forbes magazine. That hustle came to an end and I was feening for my next hustle like a crackhead looking for their next hit. I switched up jobs completely and told myself, no more hustles. But in a few short months I had found my next speed dating events.

Fast forward to today and I just acquired another hustle. I'll be working part-time for a company ALL journalists should

I suffer from workaholism not because I'm greedy. My workaholism is a by-product of debt. I just don't want to be in debt and hustling gets me extra money to pay off debt. My workaholism is also out of necessity. You can't imagine what it is like to have a mortgage in Atlanta and an apt in NYC. The housing market is so bad I just can't unload the house. And it's hard to keep a tenant in my place when this is a buyer's market. So my options are to either pay the mortgage every month or jack up my credit. I'd rather work 12 jobs and never sleep than jack up my credit because credit is easy to mess up and hard as hell to fix.

I have a financial goal in mind and as long as I keep my eyes on the prize and stay focused on my focus my workaholism will only be used for good and not evil purposes.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Heart of the Matter

If I had $100 for every time someone asked my why I was single I could pay off my student loans. But seriously I had a day where 5 totally unrelated people asked me some form of the same question. I'll go with the "cute" version..."How could your pretty tail be lonely?" EASILY!

Normally when I'm asked whatever version of the same question I have to refrain from rolling my eyes and sighing in frustration. But given the person that asked me hadn't talked to me in awhile I decided to not skim over an answer. And of course he asked a two part question, "What do you want in a man?" If I had $100 for every time someone asked me that question I could pay off all my credit cards.

I told him that he knows me and the kind of person that I am. I don't require a lot in the form of a man buying me things. But from a man what I do require is invaluable and once given can't be gained back. He said, "Virginity?" I died laughing at that one. I said, "No...time, attention, trust, emotional support, unconditional love and ultimately your heart. All concepts that are apparently too mature for the boys I meet. I'm ready to share my world not just my bed."

His response was, "Wow, you are growing up. I know that quality people are hard to find but they are out there. Just don't lower the bar. Trust me, it's better to wait for the right person then to get caught up and realize you were wrong."

But then he pissed me off. "You have grown a lot but you don't know what you want. You are still a baby. What you said is a good start but then you gotta deal with specifics."

Why did he say that? I have plenty of specifics: grounded, financial responsible, emotionally stable, driven, passionate, able to balance competing forces like work, family, friends and a relationship, belief in a higher power, compatible sex drive, similar values, similar interests, ready to grow with someone and I could go on and on.

After that all he could say was, "Wow, I am convinced." I know why I am single...blogged about that before. I know what I want...blogged about that before. I've been through enough hardships, heartbreaks, kissed enough toads, etc. to know who I am and what I want. I'm just tired of waiting for him to find me.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Turkey Bowler

Last night I went bowling with some of my coworkers and got my first Turkey...incredible...I know...unbelievable...I know...can I do it again...who knows. But I'm going to a singles bowling event on Thursday so I'll get to test my luck in more ways than one ;)