Tuesday, September 11, 2007

R.I.P. McDonald's

Every now and then I get a McDonald's craving. And when I do it's usually for french fries with an orange drink, a strawberry shake, one of those clearly microwaved burgers or my favorite...the McGriddle. That mouthwatering sandwich that turns our childhood Saturday morning treat of a hotcakes and sausage into a handy dandy morning favorite.

Why I have these cravings...I never know. I think they must have put something in our Happy Meals as a child to keep us addicted until death do us and Micky D's part. So on this rainy morning I was having visions of a hot and sweet McGriddle. I even found a buy one get one free McGriddle coupon on the seat of the subway. This had to be a sign. My mouth is watering like Homer Simpson the entire subway ride. I'm checking the time to see if I should run to McDonald's before I drop my stuff off at my desk or get them before I head to SI...I couldn't wait any longer, I headed straight for McDonalds.

As I'm riding down the escalator visions of McGriddles were dancing in my head. There are two entrances to McDonalds and I see the first door is not open and the usual McDonald's signage is not up. I assume that some construction work must be going on at that entrance and I'll go to the other one. I walk around the corner and go to the other entrance...it's also closed and there is a security guard standing there. I ask, "Is McDonald's closed for repairs?" This other lady who I hadn't noticed was standing there answers, "No, it's closed for good." But I just walked by here yesterday on my way to the subway and I know it was open.

"For good?," I say and turn back to the guard. The guard, in his thick Hispanic accent explains that McDonald's is indeed closed for good because the rent went up. The lady jumps in again, clearly distraught, "I have been coming to this McDonald's every day for 20 years and they doubled the rent and they had to close." She was clearly more upset than me although my stomach was grumbling. I look at my phone and I don't have enough time to run to the next closest McDonald's and still make our daily morning meeting. So the next best thing is this shop next to McDonald's but I was so disappointed in my eggs and bacon on a roll. It wasn't bad but it wasn't a McGriddle.

So I'm pouring out some of my Hi-C Orange drink in memory of the McDonald's on the lower level of my building that has satisfied every one of my McFood cravings.