Monday, October 22, 2007

My Coke Addiction

My name is...well you know my name...and I'm addicted to Coke...Coke Reward Points.

As I have previously blogged (click on the My Coke Rewards label) I developed an early addiction to My Coke Rewards points back in early 2006. I was working nights and weekends at the New York Times on the Web and I would drink a bottle or more of Coke a night to get through my shifts. And I decided to capitalize on my addiction/spending.

By July 2006 I was in full blown, almost out of control addiction. But I just couldn't resist the Blockbuster movie rentals, Delta SkyMiles...I even got a Carolina basketball that proudly sits on my desk.

By September 2006 I thought I had kicked the habit...but really I hadn't. The craving for Coke Reward Points was always there but I resisted...never gave in to it. I still collected the points but not as aggressively as I once had.

And then last night...I fell off the wagon.

I had a little time to spare between production so I decided to add some points to my account. I always have Coke caps sitting on my desk. Now every time I would accumulate 335 points I would redeem them for 850 Delta Sky Miles. But last night to my chagrin they no longer offer the 850 mile prize. The only Delta Sky Miles prize now is 1180 points for 3000 miles. 1180 points?!?!?!? Do you know how long it will take me to accumulate that. And then it hit me....I just had to go on Ebay and buy points...and oh did I buy. I spent enough money to reward myself with 9,000 miles. I'm even closer to that free plane ticket.

The craving for points and for Delta Miles has now subsided. I think I have my addiction back under control. Pray for me...or better yet, email me your Coke Rewards codes

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Feeling Thankful

It's not Thanksgiving yet but I'm feeling really thankful. I know I tend to complain a lot, especially about my lack of a love life, but it's only because I have been blessed in SOOOOO many ways and want to share my world with someone special. But this blog I'm writing for me...a reminder for those days when I'm feeling a little low...I can look at this and be reminded of all the things I'm thankful for.

1. To be alive. Every day is another chance.

2. For my Mom. As I get older I appreciate her more and more.

3. For my family. We may be slightly dysfunctional (even though my Mom would never admit that) but at the end of the day they are who they are and I gotta love them for that.

4. For my friends/extended family. If I call you my friend you are apart of my extended family. I could list all the names but I don't want to forget any one because everyone of you is significant to me.

5. For my house. I haven't lived in ATL in almost 2 years but my house is still one of my greatest achievements. It's a reminder that I have made it out of the projects. And I'm really excited about the opportunity to possibly buy again.

6. My apt in NYC. I can't even front, I do have an incredible place. And I complain about how much I pay in rent but I love where I live and there is no price tag on peace of mind and comfort.

7. My career. I have been so fortunate in my career. It just keeps getting better and better.

8. My side hustles. There is one thing I'm always good at...working...and I find the most interesting side hustles to have a little extra change in my pocket at the end of the day. My hustles are just all apart of the experience I call my life.

9. My travels. Y'all joke me that no one travels as much as I do but I can't front, I average a trip a month and I'm thankful for that. All the places I've been and all the places I will go.

10. My God. HE should really be #1. HE is the source of my strength. HE keeps me going when I don't think I can go on. HE keeps me believing in love even at my loneliest times. HE keeps opening doors for me when I think there are none left to be open. And although I don't wear my faith on my sleeve or seem to be the most devout I know who my God is and I know I am because HE is.