Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My 2008 Shopping List/Wish List

Dear Santa,

I have been a very very good girl this year. Ok, well maybe I haven't, but I still want the following:

- New Computer(s)
My desktop and laptop are on their last downloads.

- Fry Daddy
This is the best solution I can think of so I can fry food and not burn the hell out of myself. Reference burn marks on right wrist.

- Watch
I want to know what time it is.

- Earrings
It's been so long since I wore a pair of earrings that I need to get some earrings before the holes in my earlobes close.

- Sex and the City: The Complete Series (Collector's Giftset)
Back on the list again. This one has been on my list since the show ended.

- Sex and the City Essentials
Hasn't been on the list as long but I still want it.

- Wine
Wines of choice are: Rosa Regale, Vietti Cascinetta Moscato d'Asti 2004, Moscato d’asti - bricco del sole piedmont 2006 and 2005 Moscato Allegro.

- Harry Potter Boxset Books 1-7 (Hardcover)
Needs no explanation

- Victoria's Secret gift card
I can always find something at Vicky's

I ALWAYS want this

- TIVO with recordable DVR
I need it now more than ever since I work 3 jobs and miss most TV programming.

- Pearls
Once upon a time someone bought me a pearl necklace, bracelet and earring set and an evil, evil woman took those pearls and threw them off the side of a cruise boat. That was 2002, I haven't gotten a replacement since.

- African American History For Dummies
I find this book kind of funny especially since I was an Afam/Journalism major at UNC. But for some odd reason I really want this book in my collection.

I think this list will be a work in progress but I'm a simple girl and I don't ask or require much.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Giving Back

How much do you appreciate your parents? All I have is my Mom and I may cop an attitude with her every now and then but at the end of the day I would do anything for her.

I grew up in the projects but my Mom worked hard, kept a nice home and I never felt like I lived in the projects. It really is one thing to live in the projects and to feel like you are living in the projects. I never really wanted for anything. I didn't always get what I wanted but I got enough and luckily I was never a kid in to name brands and stuff so Mom didn't have to stress about saving for some Jordan's or stuff like that. (For the record, I have never owned a pair of Jordan sneakers).

So I'm grown now and what are you supposed to do when you grow up...take care of your parents. But I have had so much debt I just never felt like I was in a position to help her. I finally got my finances in order...much love to Poppa K for sharing his financial knowledge and helping me to get my debt under control. Thanks to him I was able to give my Mom the best Holiday Season ever.

I started off small...I bought her some things she wanted but didn't really need...a rice cooker, new comforter/sheet set, some gloves, a new pair of boots...and then I hit her with the BIG present. I scheduled a Home Depot window consultation. They came to the house and I bought her windows. Yes...WINDOWS. You would not believe how expensive windows are but it was necessary. And I was just happy that I was finally in a position to do so. So my Mom is having the best Holiday Season ever...she can't wait for the installation of her windows...and of course she got all teary about me spending so much money...but it's for a good's for my Mom...she sacrificed for me so it's just time I give back.

So before you buy some small token of love for your parent(s) just think about all they have done for you through the years. It's great to get them things they want but might not need. But it's an even better feeling to get them something they need but they just can't afford.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

2007 Shopping List Recap

I was getting ready to make my 2008 Shopping List and I decided to look back at my 2007 list and see how I did. The funny thing is I didn't look back at my list all year and I still got quite a few things.

- Canon Power Shot Digital Camera (BOUGHT)
It took some coaxing from Unk T but I finally bought it and it arrived in May.

- Fry Daddy (NOPE)
I'll have to add this to my 2008 list.

- Watch (NOPE)
I still don't know what time it is.

- Earrings (NOPE)
Asked a certain person to get me some Harry Mason earrings while he was in San Francisco...his response, you don't wear earrings. Yeah, cause I don't have any. So this will go on the 2008 list.

- Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax (BOUGHT)
I got this as a birthday present from G. Lee but sadly it's still in the box. I now realize I need a new computer as well.

- Sex and the City: The Complete Series (Collector's Giftset) (NOPE)
Back on the list again. This one has been on my list since the show ended.

- Sex and the City Essentials (NOPE)
Hasn't been on the list as long but it's going back on it.

- Wine/Wine Glasses/Wine Opener (PARTIAL)
Big Sister Gorgeous One bought me wine glasses and I got a nice wine opener from Crate & Barrel. Now I just need to get the wine.

- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6) (BOUGHT)
German Girl supported my Harry Potter addiction and got this for me last X-mas.

- Victoria's Secret gift card (NOPE)
This is an item that could and probably should be on my list every year. Can always find a good reason to buy something from Vicky's.

I'm all out so I have to find this fragrance. Back on the list it goes.

This should probably be #1 on my list.

- TIVO with recordable DVR (NOPE)
Back on the list and I need it now more than ever since I work 3 jobs and miss most TV programming.

I know, doesn't seem like I got a lot on my list but what I got I greatly appreciated.