Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goals for 2009 Recap

Here's a look back on what were my goals for 2009 and how well I did or didn't do.

1. Read 30 books
I read 31 books. It was a lot harder than I thought. I read newspapers and magazines all the time but the focus and concentration to read books was more than I anticipated. You can watch TV and flip through a magazine. Can't watch TV and read a book.

2. Pay off my debt consolidation loan
My last loan payment was September 28, 2009 and it feels so good to have one less major bill to pay.

3. Get back in shape
I joined a gym for 6 months and had a trainer for 3 months. So that was very good for me.

4. Keep on cooking
I'm proud of my culinary skills.

5. 3 to 6 months of expenses in to my savings
Wasn't able to do this. When I got close to reaching this goal I lost the tenant in my house. My house was vacant for a bit so I had to cover those expenses with my savings. But I was glad that I had that cushion to fall back on.

6. Relax more
This was a very stressful year so I can't say that I really relaxed more.

7. Stay healthy
I had my annual asthma attack. I say annual asthma attack because I'll have one really bad attack, once a year and usually around the same time of year. So I'm happy that despite how stressful 2009 was I was able to stay relatively healthy.

8. Travel some place I have never been to before
The point of me taking a hiatus from Las Vegas was so I could travel to other places and I went to St. Thomas, Asheville, NC and Costa Rica.

9. Purge my apartment
I am constantly throwing stuff out and donating to good will. I've come a long way but I still have more to do.

BONUS: No Vegas in 2009

This by far was the hardest goal to keep. There were so many times that I wanted to go to get away from it all or someone was trying to convince me to go. But I remained strong and stayed away from Vegas for 365 days :)

If I had to give myself a grade for how I progressed on my goals in 2009 I would give myself a "B" I made progress on some things but I know me and I know I can do better and I can do more.