Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Got a love jones

How ironic I have a love jones for a Mr. Jones. His last name is actually Jones.

He once told me I needed to get over my love jones...at least until he could move to Atlanta. Well I'm moving to NYC now...so do I have to get over my love jones until he can move to NYC?

When someone tells you to get over a love jones, exactly how are you supposed to do that? I know some people get over one person by finding another person but that just ain't my thing.

But I have had this on again off again love jones for Mr. Jones for years. The flame has never stopped burning it just hasn't been as bright at one point or another in my life. But now it's glowing...full flame...on fire. And the man ain't even on the East coast (a.k.a. right coast) so I know how unrealistic anything of true substance can be for us.

But I love him so what is a girl supposed to do when she got a love jones for a Mr. Jones that just can't be satisfied?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Lost in transition

I can't believe I am doing this again. The one thing I absolutely hate....MOVING.

After living in Atlanta for two years and recently purchasing a home I have gone and done the impossible...well maybe not impossible but something crazy. I have taken a job in NYC and I'm moving...yet again.

It seems like since I graduated high school I haven't really stayed in one location for too long.

From NJ to NC to Minneapolis back to NC to South Africa to Philly to Atlanta and now NYC. And let's not forget all the trips I have taken...DC, New Orleans, Miami, Las Vegas, LA, Tampa and too many other cities for me to name them all. It's like I just can't sit still.

But I always knew I was destined to return home. I always said the only way I would return home was if I got a job with the New York Times and low and behold...I got it.