Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Costco vs Coke

I'm impartial when it comes to which cola to drink. I have friends that are die-hard Coke fans and die-hard Pepsi fans. Personally I'll drink whatever is on sale at the time that I'm at the store. At one time I did have a Coke Rewards addiction, but that's a topic from a previous blog entry.

I shop at Costco and I notice they have more Coke products (Sprite, Dasani, etc) than Pepsi products. So because of that I do tend to drink more Coke than Pepsi...until now. Costco and Coke are in a dispute about the price Coke charges versus the value Costco promises to it's members.

A few questions comes to mind:
- Will Costco now sell Pepsi products only?
- Is Coke really charging more money or just as much as if I bought it at the grocery store?
- Do Costco members care what brand of cola they sell or do they just want whatever is on sale?
- Will the loss of Costco as a retailer really hurt Coke?

All this talk of cola is making me thirsty. I think I'll go and grab me a Pepsi ;)

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